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My Work

This page is dedicated to my most recent paintings. This style is highly inspired by my spiritual journey through the pandemic and how it has greatly helped me heal from my childhood trauma, and PTSD. My paintings consist of native influences through color, pattern, and symbols as well as symbols found in spirituality and references to significant events in my life. I'm honored to experience the process of learning about self-love, the importance of gratitude, and the magnitude of empathy with every brushstroke of each piece you see below. Enjoy. 

Spiritual Journey - oil painting - 60x60_edited.jpg


Spiritual Journey, oil on canvas, 60"x60", 2021

Crossing cultures

Crossing climates

Going from the tropic oasis

To the harness of the desert

In search of healing,

A button,

The size of your fingernail,

Reaches deep with its roots,

To unravel generational trauma. 

- Darren Lopez

This painting was created based on the poem above. The poet, Darren Lopez, introduced me to the ceremony and I am forever grateful for the healing path he was able to bring me to. 


Self Love, 72"x36", oil on canvas, 2021

Starting last year after the Fall Equinox ceremony, I came to the fire to ask for guidance. I needed to learn how to love myself more and really value my self-worth. By the end of this painting, I'm happy to say that the painting process really allowed me to realize what that really means to me. 

self love - oil painting - 72x36.jpg
Oni Mask Oil Painting,


Oni Mask, oil on canvas, 24"x36", 2021

My oni mask painting was the first painting I created after my first spiritual ceremony. It's what came to me as I worked through my struggles and what tormented me. Click on the image for the full-length story for those who may be interested. 


Wanderer, oil on canvas, 24"x36", 2021

This painting encompasses my journey to finding the healing medicine that has done so much for me in various ways. Without it I wouldn't have returned back to painting so soon, put in the work to find answers to questions I was too afraid to ask, and the people who enrich my life daily. 

Wanderer oil painting-24x36.jpg


Tree of Life, oil on canvas, 16"x20", 2021

During Fall Equinox this year I was drawn to a Huichol tree of life necklace sold by one of the tribe members. He shared the Mexican tale but being born in Bahrain, we also have the Tree of LIfe there. The duality of living through the centuries and being the life force for so many, without any nourishment of its own, resonated with me deeply. It's been a blessing yet heavy at times to feel this way. 

Tree-of-Life oil painting - 16x20.jpg
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