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Custom Painted Shoes Order Form



Thank you for reaching out to inquire about my custom-painted shoes. Each pair is hand-painted and then sealed for its protection. I approach each pair differently and each design is one-of-a-kind. I use a hand-drawn, line-work technique centered around love, spirituality, psychedelic healing, and conscious creation. 

A little bit about my process

- Submit your information below to initiate an order 

- I will reply to each inquiry, and confirm if I can complete the order in my artistic style. More about my artistic style is below. 

- We will then finalize details and come to an agreement on the creative idea, timing, delivery address, price, and payment. 

- A deposit of 50% is received to lock in your order and place it in line. Prices are shared after consultation and include the price of the shoes, sales tax, labor, and shipping. 

- I get to work, and keep you up to date on when you can expect shipment. 

- After full payment is received, the order is shipped. 

I have just reopened to take new orders.

The first ten customers will receive a special gift with their pair of custom, 1 of 1 pair!

With love,


a little customization with a lot of love

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Thanks for submitting!

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